A view is a feature within ClientView which you can use to preserve a combination of filters and column arrangements for future reference. Views, which can be used on the Client or the Prospect list, improve the efficiency of client analytics and reporting. They can also provide an easy way to export tailored lists for client communications or further analysis. 

Views are set with three different permission levels:

  • Only visible for me - Only the logged in user that saves the view can access it.
  • Visible for everyone at my firm - All registered users within the firm can see the view, but only Firm Partners and Firm Admin users can edit the parameters.
  • Visible for all Rootworks members - any user with member platform access can see this view 

Columns, such as MRR and ARR, only display for Firm Partner or Firm Admin users. The individual user permissions cannot be altered to allow Firm Staff users to change these settings. 

If a view is applied, it will stay applied until it's reset, filters are added/removed, or a different view is opened. For example, clicking into a client record from the view will not reset the view when you navigate away from the page.

Accessing the View Menu

In order to see the View menu:

  • Click the All Clients button above the list of client names
  • You will be presented with the option to view both your firms views and Rootworks views 
  • Rootworks views are those that we have created and made available to you. You are encouraged to use these views as a base and then save them as a personalized view for your specific needs.
  • If a view is already selected, there will also be a Reset view option in the menu.
  • Clicking Reset View will revert to a default view with all clients, no filters applied and Rootworks default column arrangement.


The following actions are available for a view:

  • Save view - You can overwrite the currently selected view with any changes that have been made.
  • Save as... - You can save a new view or can be used to save a copy of a shared view.
  • Edit name & Permissions - You can rename the view adjust who can access it, according to the permission levels explained above

Creating a New View

To create a new view:

  1. Navigate to the Clients section in ClientView.
  2. There are two ways to filter Clients for a new view:
    • To start a new view from scratch, begin with an unfiltered client list, and apply filters and column customizations for the desired view. To learn more about filters, check out this article.
    • To start a new view from a view that already exists, click the All Clients button above the list of client names to select the view to start from. The client list will update; begin applying filters and column arrangements for the desired view.
  3. Click the All Clients button above the list of client names to see the views currently available. 
  4. Under the Actions column on the right, click Save as... If you started from an existing view, the Save as... action will assure that the initial view you started with will not be overwritten
  5. Enter the view name and set the permissions.
  6. Click Save.

Note: View names must be unique.  If you attempt to save a new view with an existing name, the action will not be completed.

Editing a View

To edit a view:

  1. Open the view via the All Clients button above the list of client names, and select the view to edit.
  2. Make your desired filter adjustments and column rearrangements.
  3. When you have finished and ready to save, click the All Clients button again, and click Save View.

Note: This action will overwrite the selected view.


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